World's 1st

In fully automated service rigs

Cutting edge rig packages

Prostar is building innovative rig packages to overcome the unique challenges of the SAGD completions and workover markets. We are implementing exciting new technology and automation, while raising the bar on safety. Designed, owned, and operated by Albertans for Albertans. We are the only fit for purpose rig packages with a convenient footprint (12.5 Meters) perfect for solving the challenges of pad style work.

Prostar defies the conventional.

Through our innovated processes, we increase production and challenge the accepted norms of our industry.

Prostar Well Service addresses two major needs in our industry:

  1. Properly applying innovation to service rigs. Our new processes eliminate unsafe conditions, allowing our clients to work in an environmentally conscious atmosphere that respects our communities and helps increase production, removing unnecessary third party contractors.
  2. Fixing a culture of transitional workers. Working with major clients under contract allows for us to create a stable environment for our crews, giving our valued clients the very best people in our industry. Prostar recognizes that the conventional way of doing things is not always best and we want to create an era with appropriate, safer alternatives.

Prostar Facts

  • Rolling TRIR (November 15, 2015 – November 15, 2016): Zero.
  • Prostar has generated cost savings of 30% to 40% on workovers and tubing rotations for Canada’s two top producers.
  • Our automated service rigs have reduced conventional five-day jobs to three days. Creating quicker well returns means more production and less time spent, per hour, on well services.
  • Prostar is a leader in community support. The team is involved with fundraising and community events throughout the year, from renovating homes to provide accessibility, raising funds for the Kids with Cancer Society, and supporting local youth sports teams.