Changing the Industry

Automation & Remote Labour Technology

Safety and efficiency can be achieved together. There is no compromising one for the other. Technology has allowed us to stop focusing on the hazards involved with efficient work and focus on the more critical removal of consequences. Remote labour and automation do this. By pulling the worker from the hazardous area, we remove the possibility of fatalities or severe injury altogether. This leveraging of technology ensures we provide efficient and competitive services with a stable future of exceptional safety for our professional team. This approach is even more important in the thermal market as it's one of the most hazardous forms of resource extraction. 

Thermal Professionals in Well Service

Prostar was created to safely and effectively tackle the need for service rigs in the emerging thermal oil and gas market. Our dedication to collecting the industry's top performers, thermal professionals, and innovative engineers has allowed us to create a service offering that is disruptive to the industry.  

Engineering & Manufacturing

We employ a team of full-time engineers who are available to design and certify rig packages, specialty tools, and new project requests.

Prostar Manufacturing currently has over 50,000 square feet of shop space near Okotoks, Alberta, and we also employ skilled tradespeople to ensure the highest quality in our equipment. 

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