Well Servicing

How Prostar Adds Value

We have engrained our culture and rig packages in the two largest energy companies in Canada (Suncor Energy and Imperial Oil). By doing so, we provide each company with unique abilities to create value in their operations.

Below are some of the many benefits that clients have experienced when they’ve applied Prostar’s automated technology and improved work processes:

  • Provides a shift to safety culture by eliminating workers from risks through automation.
  • Current technology enhances the quality of operations, monitoring, and feedback through the Programmable Logic Control (PLC).
  • Overall daily costs have been lowered with a clientby 30% with the use of our current technology to innovate completions, ESP changes and conversions.
  • Provides the option to complete horizontal tubing work in Imperial’s Cyclic Steam Stimulation. This option is completed by rotating the wear points, which was not previously accomplished in a conventional setting.
  • Provides a 40% reduction on job AFE’s through an abandonment project that is required for drilling cement operations for Imperial.
  • Ability to eliminate third party services and rentals, such as: power swivels, casing jacks, drill collars, trickle pumps, friction reducers, specialty tongs, extra pickers and tank trucks.
  • Solution-based expertise with in-house engineering that focuses on challenges involved with: well control, spooling, hazard elimination, design improvements, and specialty equipment.

Benefits for wellhead operations:

  • Swivel BOP flanges allow easy adjustments for ram changes and positioning of BOPs.
  • Engineered snipes are provided by Prostar with each rig for pipe wrenches. Prostar is currently considering ways to eliminate sniping form worksites altogether.
  • Washing flange (shotgun flange) is an item Prostar is currently designing and implementing; this flange cleans tubulars as they are removed from a wellbore. This change benefits the environmental and safety conditions on wells with tubulars covered in oil or scale.

Rigging in and Out Benefits

  • Walking rig matting allows a rig to be moved with the mast, fully rigged up, and is great for pad style work.
  • Rig spotting matting is built on jack pads, tire rails, and tire stops allowing for quick and precise rig spotting. On-site risk is greatly reduced as workers no longer have to stand in between the moving rig and the wellhead to measure spotting distances.
  • Spill containment matting is a fully contained drip tray with removable trays for clean-up. Any unforeseen hydraulic hose leaks, equipment fueling spills, engine oil leaks, and pump connection spills are contained. Large containment “garage” matting is used under the catwalk and by the rig tank valves.
  • No line pipe is a Prostar rig design that places the pump on the rig. The line pipe is integrated into the rig design. The piping is completely placed over the rig matting containment system, and connections do not require hammering or the hazards associated with “mushrooming,” hammer unions, and heavy lifting to place pump lines across location.
  • Prostar utilizes a sea-can for its tool shed. Our tool sheds provide a heated work environment, and protects all tools from the elements. The sea-can is equipped with an engineered beam and a chain hoist that can slide the length of the container. Workers do not have to lift heavy equipment, such as BOP rams, but can hoist them and slide them outside onto a dolly.

Integrated Service

Prostar Energy encompasses two divisions that work in conjunction with one another—Prostar Well Services and Prostar Manufacturing. Our divisions offer a significantly competitive advantage to design, service, and operate state of the art automated service rigs.  Our experts continue to evolve our designs, and they create services that specifically fit the fields and applications for which they are needed. Our Well Service Operations team and the Manufacturing Service team work together exclusively, increasing communication with regards to instant relays on issues, improvements and repairs, if required. This process benefits our clients by having highly trained personnel on location, a placement of parts on-site that minimizes any potential non-productive time of security issues, third party qualification, and delays in parts or upgrade capability. All members of the Operations team (Supervisors and Operators) are immediately notified of all issues and service bulletins of equipment and programming.