The Prostar Advantage

Prostar Rig Capabilities vs. Conventional Rigs

Prostar Rig Capabilities 50,000lbs. of Push Capability Slips on the carriage can bite anywhere on the pipe and provide a downward push to get through tight spots on directional wells.

Conventional Rigs Block and tackle setups on conventional rigs cannot push pipe.

Programmable Carriage

Prostar Rig Capabilities Programmable carriage speeds have been identified to increase pump life, and our speeds reach a maximum of 6.3 feet per second. Manufacturers of down-hole tools will provide a recommended speed that the Operator can set the system to maintain through the entire trip.

Conventional Rigs Conventional rig speed can only be managed by the Drillers perception of the speed and control over the brake handle. Workers also must grab the elevators as they are descending and injuries have occurred from blocks descending too fast.

Critical Zone Management System (Crown)

Prostar Rig Capabilities Prostar’s carriage system is programmed so it can never strike the crown. The system will automatically low down and stop at the unchangeable height. Operators may put a stop program below that point if necessary.

Conventional Rigs Conventional workers must remember to adjust and test mechanical crown savers after things like slip and cuts. Drillers are responsible for leaving enough of a height allowance that if the blocks travel, after the saver is tripped, that it won’t strike the crown. This leaves the conventional crown savers open to human error and has caused fatalities in the well service industry.

Critical Zone Management System (Floor)

Prostar Rig Capabilities Prostar’s Critical Zone Management System automatically slows down the carriage as it approaches working height and stops, preventing the Operator from striking the floor. The system also interprets information from the Tong Centering Sensor (the sensor that automates the tongs in moving to hole center) and will automatically change from floor height to the height of the extended tongs. This means that human errors that can cause floor or equipment collisions are eliminated.

Conventional Rigs Conventional floor savers are a button the Operator can hit if he loses control of the blocks. There is no prevention of human errors.

API Certification

Prostar Rig Capabilities The mast, top drive, BOPs and accumulator are all certified to API 4F standards.

Conventional Rigs Currently, almost no conventional service rigs have API certification.