Founded in 2012 by Terry Bendera, Prostar Well Service was the first fully automated service rig company to offer specialized equipment. Today, Prostar Well Service is owned by Prostar Energy, which also has holdings in Prostar Manufacturing. Prostar Energy’s two holdings are known for their ability to attract the very best people in the industry. The integrated businesses ensure controlled execution of all aspects of every job. Client pricing, field implementation, well service work, and continuous design improvements are fully managed by Prostar Well Service and the rest of the Prostar Energy group. We have been very successful in implementing new technology into the market, most notably with our Suncor Energy and Imperial clients.

The Prostar Energy team is built for success:

  • Disruptive Well Service Rig Technology
  • Industry-leading safety processes and safety statistics
  • Best in class well servicing operations
  • Top notch operators—experienced, well trained people are our biggest asset
  • Embedded customer relationships with key producers
  • Over 85,000 internal engineering and design hours representing a strong IP portfolio
  • Strong work culture; thorough competency and training programs

Prostar’s current operations are focused within the Athabasca Oil Sands and Cold Lake Oil Sands regions of Alberta. With a purpose to build service rigs that are market disruptive, Prostar Energy has proven that its revolutionary designs provide a unique/high level of performance vs. traditional service rigs. Prostar has four service rig packages in the field that achieved a utilization rate of 104% in 2015.

Proprietary service rigs combined with best in class safety and operational performance has allowed Prostar to demonstrate continued growth in a retracting crude oil price environment. With their eye on the global market Prostar is keen on sharing ideas and innovation from Canada to producers around the world looking to update their fleet or looking for the very best in asset management and safety.

Mission Statements

1. Deliver proven solutions through innovation. 2. Do the right thing, with the right people, for the right reasons. 3. Safety, quality, schedule.

What makes Prostar unique?

We provide operational excellence through on-site support and service. Our Operations Management team has over 75 years of combined experience within the industry, and visits sites weekly to report for Safety, Quality, and Schedule improvements. We have a dedicated Service department for each rig package with 24hr/365-day dispatch capability, and our Safety Advisors also make weekly field visits to ensure that no standards are being overlooked and that our people are taken care of.

Safety Stats

  • Industry leading safety record with no injuries during 50,000 man hours and a TRIF/TRIR = 0,
  • Rolling TRIR (August 15, 2015 – August 15, 2016): 0
  • TRIR since start of company: 1.71


  • Member of the CAODC since 2012
  • Enform COR since 2016
  • ISN since 2015
  • NAABA since 2016
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta


  • Suncor President’s Operational Excellence Award Recipient 2014
  • Award of Excellence for Best Practice in Employer Support February 2017 by the Canadian Forces Liaison Council and The Government of Canada

With the removal of workers from the floor and improved work processes, we are currently working with a 0 TRIF, changing the outcome for potential incidents on all our sites.

Company QC systems such as eCompliance, track, measure and validate all training, management of change requests, safety reporting, outstanding issues and follow-up actions.

Our Engineering and Technical teams continuously design and improve rig technology for our current build packages. These packages include various designs, such as:

  • The introduction of slant application.
  • SWIFT rig design.
  • North Slope Arctic design.
  • Walking rig matting.
  •  Spooling platforms.
  • Low pressure snubbing/stripping.
  • Corod/coil tubing injector capability.
  • Upgrades to software packages to ensure we deliver our clients with the necessary requirements.

Success Story Timeline