We truly believe that training is not a cost, but an investment. The right training ensures our crews are using equipment correctly and observing safety practices – working to Prostar’s standards, with emphasis on productivity and quality of work.

The various training programs we offer at Prostar are crucial for our organization and there is always room for growth and opportunities.  Different types of training resources such as video procedures, in house supervisor and leadership training and on the job training are just a few examples of how we adapt to individual learning modalities, because not all people learn the same.  Effective training allows our employees to feel a sense of pride in their career in the energy sector, and they become more experienced, efficient and productive in the ever-changing innovative energy environment.

Prostar’s Training Model

Training is an integral part of Prostar. Our professional H&E instructor takes all green hands/trainees through an extensive 90-day program. As part of the process, a training manual walks the green hand, mentor, and rig manager through training procedures including: responsibilities of each position, mentor guidelines, PPE use, and sign off processes of the program. Topics covered include:

  • Basic Safety System Training
  • Inspection & Monitoring Training
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Leadership & Supervisor Training

The program breaks the 90 days into sections that stipulate what the new worker can and cannot do under supervision. The worker is also provided a green hard hat to signal to other workers in the industry that the worker is a new, inexperience employee. This orientation introduces the new worker to the expectations of the trainee program, the organization, and to Prostar systems so he/she feels assured and confident before going to work in the field.


The men and women of Prostar Energy work relentlessly, around the clock to provide energy to homes in Canada and all over the world. The royalties from which are you used to fund Canadian hospitals, schools, and parks.


Skills and Competencies

Prostar Well Service has two processes to deem a worker competent; one is external and one internal, but both require supervisor evaluations. These two processes are as follows:

1. Enform’s Well Servicing Competency Assessment. This assessment is a standard of the industry. Supervisors are placed in an Enform competency assessor course and are trained to work with employees through competency work books for each position. Once a work book is complete, it is then sent off and evaluated by Enform. Employees receive an official certificate in the mail deeming them competent for their position in the industry.

2. Prostar’s Competency Assurance Management System. Enform’s program assesses worker’s abilities and skill, but it does not deem a worker’s as competent in performing Prostar procedures. Prostar has implemented a competency assurance management system to ensure proper assessment of worker’s abilities, ensuring that they are performing to Prostar`s work standards and procedures. Prostar’s competency assurance management system consists of four main parts:

  • Ensuring proper on-the-job training.
  • Supervising the worker until they gain adequate experience.
  • Performing job observations to evaluate an employee’s skills and abilities.
  • Documenting a worker’s ability to perform a task safely without intervention from a supervisor or manager. These competencies are documented on Competency Job Observation forms and uploaded to eCompliance where the client has full access.