The rig is currently under development.

With double the hook load of the SRR-150 the SRR-300 is ideal for deep well workovers and lighter drilling jobs.  The SRR-300 will be a trailer mounted folding mast design with all of the proven automation of the SRR-150 plus additional Top Drive capability and a higher capacity mud system.

Key Rig Features:

  • 300,000 lbs pull
  • 75,000 lbs push
  • Quick attach tool carrier with integrated Top Drive
  • Climate controlled dual operator cab
  • Fully Integrated pipe handling, power tongs, rig controls, mud and BOP systems
  • Pipe Size – Range II & III, 1.66”-7-5/8”
  • Remote controlled rig up and rig down

Typical Rig Package:

  • Rack and pinion rig
  • Trailerized mud tank
  • Crew change trailer
  • Range III catwalk with tiering racks
  • 5ton winch truck with picker
  • Tool room skid
  • Walking rig mat (required for Slant, optional for vertical work)


All Prostar Rig Packages offer:

API Certified Mast and Substructure. Prostar REACTTM Automation and Controls. Proven Rack & Pinion Design. Proven Hydraulics Technology. Radio Controlled Rig-up Operation. API Certified BOP Systems. Automated Pipe Handling & Power Tongs. Automated Choke Manifold & Mud System. Automated Top Drive with Thread Compensation & Mud Saver.