The SRR-150 is an Automated Rack and Pinion Service Rig with push pull capability, unprecedented operator controls for all aspects of the rig operation, and automated pipe handling and power tongs.

Key Rig Features:

  • 150,000 lbs pull
  • 50,000 lbs push
  • Quick attach tool carrier with integrated 100T Top Drive
  • Climate controlled dual operator cab
  • Fully Integrated pipe handling, power tongs, rig controls, mud and BOP systems
  • Pipe Size – Range II & III, 1.66”-7-5/8” up to 10-3/4″
  • Remote controlled rig up and rig down

Typical Rig Package:

  • Rack and pinion rig
  • Trailerized mud tank
  • Crew change trailer
  • Range III catwalk with tiering racks
  • 5ton winch truck with picker
  • Tool room skid
  • Walking rig mat (required for Slant, optional for vertical work)


All Prostar Rig Packages offer:

API Certified Mast and Substructure. Prostar REACTTM Automation and Controls. Proven Rack & Pinion Design. Proven Hydraulics Technology. Radio Controlled Rig-up Operation. API Certified BOP Systems. Automated Pipe Handling & Power Tongs. Automated Choke Manifold & Mud System. Automated Top Drive with Thread Compensation & Mud Saver.